Quick Start Guide For
First Time Home Buyers

Make the Most of Open Houses

- For Buyers

Open Houses can be a great way to learn what you like and what you don't, but if you're going into them without a plan, they can become huge wastes of time. Download this free checklist to help you capture data and make the time you invest in seeing a house worth it. 

The Easy Way to Plan Ahead

-For Buyers 

Knowing where to even begin can be the first step towards your front door. When you meet with me, or another realtor in your area, they are going to have questions for you about what you want. This FREE Downloadable Buyers Survey will help you get your thoughts in order. If you find that you don't know the answers, that just means you need more time to learn about yourself and the future you want to build. 

SELLERS: Staging Your Home for The Photographer

Small details make a BIG difference! Being sure your home is ready when the photographer arrives will make the most of her time AND yours. Download this brochure with tips from Home Photographer Michelle Hawker and prep your house like a Pro.  

Separating WANTS and NEEDS when

searching for a home

When it's time to go from "browsing" for a home to actually searching, you can't afford to waste time "just looking". Download this easy sheet to organize your thoughts by separating your wants and needs when it comes to searching for your future home. Simply read the features of a house, circle the ones you NEED, underline the ones you LIKE, and cross out the ones you DON'T WANT. What could be easier and more effective? 

Closing Costs- for Buyers

Closing costs can be a nasty surprise if they aren't planned ahead. Take a look at these sample closing costs from Rosa Rhea with Stewart Title to get a feel for what *could* be charge. Remember that every real estate deal is different, so use this as a template of what *might* be charged. The second infographic has an explanation of typically who pays what between the buyers and sellers- don't forget that local customs also pay a role in what to expect. As your realtor about calculating your specific closing costs for a better idea of what to save ahead of time. Specific questions can be directed to Rosa with Stewart Title at TitleWithRosa@gmail.com. 

VA Home Loan Checklist

So, you're a VETERAN and you want to get a ZERO MONEY DOWN LOAN- but what do you need to get started? This checklist will tell you exactly what documents to have handy so applying will be a breeze. If you need help getting PRE-APPROVED, head over to this website: www.FredWitTeam.com to get started with Movement Mortgage. 

Home Seller's

Reno Checklist

Home Sellers- what EARNS money on home renovations and what BURNS it? When it comes time to sell, the whole reason to DO HOME RENOVATIONS is to recoup what you spent- but sadly, not all projects can do that. Follow this checklist for the easiest way to earn instead of burn through your time and money on home renovations. 

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